The Quest for Wealth

My latest book was just released. Are you tired of making poor choices, and barely getting by. This book provides a roadmap to financial freedom.

Have you ever made a really bad decision with your money? If you are like most people, you are probably living paycheck to paycheck, and wondering if you will ever be able to retire or get out of debt. You might find yourself working an extra job and still not putting any money aside for savings and investments. The numbers are staggering, with average American consumer debt exceeding $100,000 per person, with less than $1,000 in emergency reserves. The coronavirus pandemic has only fueled our uncertainties and fear.

Here is what I have discovered both personally and professionally—it doesn’t have to be this way. Wealth is not about making more money; it’s about learning how to bring congruency between our emotional and analytical sides of our brain.

In this book, I outlined dozens of Habits (rules) that you should follow to get on the path towards wealth, and the 6 steps you will need to navigate. Dozens of templates and resources will be in the book. Look for a link in the coming months to buy your copy.

Tools will include:

  • Behavioral Finance Risk Personality Profile Tool
  • Risk Assessment Model
  • Money management allocation model
  • Numerous worksheets for managing Budgets, Debt, and key financial ratios

What people are saying

“Dr Langabeer has woven his decades of experience and insights as a former CEO, COO and academic into this important work on financial decision making. From a skilled professional, it is a must read for those with a desire to enhance their financial decision-making abilities.

Kip Becker, PhD (Emeritus Assoc Professor, Boston University)

“James’ recommendations have helped me to make better decisions about my life, and investments.”

Sheri G.

“… already seeing results …”

This has been an amazing program. I’m already seeing results. I highly recommend it.

Marc Brighten