Hi There!

Thank you for visiting my site! If you found me, you’ve either stumbled upon this randomly, or you are interested in my research and professional practice. If you want to find out more about my research in healthcare and emergency medicine, please visit my work as a Professor at UTHealth.

But, if you want to learn more about my work in behavioral finance and economics, this is the right place!

I am a professor who has focused on decision-making in my research for nearly 20 years. I’m also trained as a financial planner. As I was training, I ‘thought’ that if only we could make decisions more optimal (i.e., incorporate goals, objectives, risks, and assumptions) people would make better choices. But, as I’ve learned in my research and professional work, we don’t make analytical decisions very often. Also I’ve learned to turn around my own financial condition and move towards a path of financial freedom. I want to share some important lessons, and also questions that remain.

We are largely dominated by our emotions. Our mood, feelings, and dispositions all impact our cognition- how we think. But, more importantly, these emotions and affects also impact our behaviors. If we think one thing, we nearly always might do another. So, I created this site to focus specifically on how we make decisions that impact us as consumers (buyers) and how we make money-related decisions. Why?

  • First, very little has been credibly written about the impact of our emotions and biases on our personal finance; and
  • The majority of non-ultra wealth people are increasingly saving less, spending more, and going into debt.

Let’s turn that around. On this site, you’ll find lots of information (as I develop over time). I’m starting slow but adding as I go! Stick with me. I look forward to hearing from you!

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