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Decision Strategist, Thought Leader, Coach

I coach and train leaders to improve their decision-making, both as managers and individuals. I’m not a traditional academic who has just taught. I have been a CEO, founder, supply chain leader, financial controller, and board member as well as distinguished professor at major universities. And, I know how to get results. Trained as a decision scientist and behavioral economist with financial and operational expertise, my focus is on how to improve choices and performance.

I have been regularly featured in Forbes Magazine, was named one of the most influential coaches by Success Magazine in 2022, and am a member of the Forbes Business Council.

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Why do we make such bad choices sometimes?

Especially when it comes to finances.

How do we make better decisions? And how do we reverse course and change our future? 

These are the kinds of questions I think about. I am a decision strategist who studies leaders and coaches high-performers. I’ve worked with thousands of people through my research and practice.

I don’t care if you are just managing your family finances, or running a large company–it all comes down to the decisions we make. Big and small.

My upcoming book (The Quest for Wealth: 6 Steps for Making Mindful Money Choices) is consumer-focused and will be released May 2022 by Routledge Press. It will focus on the psychology behind money management, and provide 6 simple steps for moving from barely “getting by” to “getting wealthy”. My mindful money management model helps all people achieve financial health.

Read my blog posts to learn more, or drop me a note.

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James can work privately through personal consultation to help you grow your company or individual results. 

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James is available for service on mission-aligned boards, as well as consulting for director audits and effectiveness reviews.

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What people are saying

“His advice is thoughtful and can help everyone.”

Financial success is not just about running numbers and making economic projections. It is about making good decisions using what is in most cases simple data.  James Langabeer breaks it down for you and points out how you can avoid decisions that hold you back from your financial goals.

Jeff Helton, PhD (Professor, Univ. of Colorado Denver)

“He is a natural mentor. He encourage others to stretch beyond their comfort zone to develop personal and professional competencies.…”

M. Moton

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